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My Security Media has grown to become a well respected media group dedicated to the security and technology industry. Founded in 2006, the company has grown to be a primary source of information and reference for security industry professionals, as well as end-users.


We engage, educate and listen to our audience across multiple channels to provide quality, trusted content and the best market reach, globally. We can work with you to help communicate your message and reach your market.

"The path is clear. As technology advances, physical and cyber security becomes more than a requirement but a major strategic advantage for organisations, both big and small.

My Security Media, through special events and media across print, online, podcast and video platforms, continues to track this rapid advancement, educate the C-level, and allow for a direct track from vendor to customer, across the security domain."


We build trust.
Without trust, society stagnates, economies decline, and businesses fail. My Security Media believes through security, trust between individuals, organisations, and government can be maintained.


We remain abreast of the latest trends and challenges in physical and cyber security through building solid networks of Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), industry tech suppliers, government initiatives and regulation.


We produce easy to access online and offline information to help our network build more trust in their organisation and greater society.

The current stable of online and offline media under the My Security Media banner includes:

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